Marcela Navarrete

Costa Rican architect and designer based in Germany

This website portrays part of my life, part of my work in architecture and graphic design, my way of thinking and most of the process for each part. Feel free to continue reading and welcome!

I am Marcela Navarrete, an architect with interdisciplinary experience in graphic design, problem-solving, web, social media, motion graphics and UX design. My main interest in architecture is about how it can get mixed and improved by working with other disciplines.
This is why my general interests and experience cover a wide range of areas:
I like to explore all the new paths that every choice in my career takes me to, this often leads to learning hards and sofstkills that I never thought about before.


Ciudad Anónima

Thesis project for the bachelor of architecture. It aims to bring back the sense of belonging of the citizens by restoring several historical buildings and giving them a stronger paper in the daily life of the people.


High density residential buildings with shared laundry and work spaces.
COOP-CARPIO is the union between 2 existing references: German Großwohnsiedlunge and coop-housing.

Ozul Office Center

Contained on 9 levels: Ozul tries to get integrated into the context referencing itself to its current typologies so it can be appropriated in the future by the residents of the area.
Fuses form, function and morphological values of the site to get a satisfactory integration of a building that will be the first of its class in the area.


Project for the design and optimization of a hospital. Work in collaboration with other 3 colleagues, this project takes into consideration all kinds of medical gas pipes, water, lights, ventilation, pneumatic tubes, elevators, fire extinguishing systems, evacuation routes, all the machines related, in plan, 3D and details.



  • Veritas University, Costa Rica
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Conservatorio de Castella, Costa Rica
  • School + High School
  • Technical level in Art


  • Digital Skills: UX – Accenture
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) – The Interaction Design Foundation
  • Design Thinking – The Interaction Design Foundation
  • Accesibility: How to design for all – The Interaction Design Foundation
  • Become a UX Designer from scratch – The Interaction Design Foundation
  • Google Analytics for Beginners – Google Analytics Academy
  • Learning After Effects 2022 – LinkedIn Learning
  • Motion Graphics for Social Media – LinkedIn Learning


  • Graphic and Digital Experience Designer at TTE Strategy in Hamburg, Germany:
    Coordinating and organizing the design service and looking over the use and handling of branding materials across the company. Designing static and animated graphics for social media, web, conference materials and printing orders, giving support in prototyping and trainings for introduction of new consultants to the company.
  • Business Presentation and Graphic Designer at McKinsey & Company:
    Support in creating, designing, and formatting electronic presentations for McKinsey consultants worldwide: from single slide production in PowerPoint to “kick-start” a meeting, to customized presentation designs and alternative storytelling solutions including graphic design skills and softwares like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Teaching assistant professor at Veritas university in San José, Costa Rica:
    Assisting the “Special installations” “Hydraulic installations” and “Electrical installations” classes with the Professor Luis Ospino for the faculty of architecture.

Publications + Others

  • Joining the Architects Chamber of Costa Rica
  • Ciudad Anónima, Habitar Magazine #94 Architects Association of Costa Rica
  • Biennale Costa Rica, participation in the category of “Restoration and heritage”



Great team management, team player and problem-solving oriented. Highly motivated, proactive with a can-do attitude that makes me a fast learner.


  • Spanish – Native
  • English – C1 (TOEFLibt 103)
  • German- B1 (TELC)



+49 17643337133